If your face and body resemble the San Andreas Fault line with its cracks and fissures, do not despair! Wrinkles can be reversed! If you have dry skin, and you are convinced this fact of your nature puckers your pelt, think again. To elude and eradicate your wrinkles you have to let me get under your skin – where the problem really lies.

They say time will tell all. In the case of our faces, time may tell exactly how old we are or even imply we are older than we really are! But good nutrition and protection from the ravages of the elements can make time stand still or even go backwards to a less-wrinkled, more youthful appearance. Let me explain how. But first, a little lesson on what wrinkles are.

Imagine you have just bought a comforter. It feels soft and you enjoy running your hand over its smooth surface. Now imagine it is years later. The comforter has been washed dozens of times, rolled up, stored you can get an idea of how it looks and feels now. The stuffing has lumps and bumps, and in some spots it has simply disappeared.

The collagen that gives structure to your dermis, or middle layer of skin, is just like the stuffing of that comforter. When your skin is in peak condition, its fibers are taut and elastic. Take care of it and it will remain pillow soft, smooth and wrinkle-free. Abuse it, neglect it, and ignore it and the collagen fibers will become worn, thin, rough, and will hang loosely.

Collagen like other tissues in our body needs food to grow and stay healthy. It requires a good amount of food because it makes up about 30 percent of our body. What do you think nourishes it most? Silica!

Since silica may be new to you, let me give you its credentials for its prominent place in the skin beauty hall of fame. It is an amazing whodunit act featuring calcium, boron, phosphorus and potassium amazing because without silica, none of these essential minerals can be used by the body! Silica is probably the most essential mineral to healthy skin, hair and nails.

The silica connection was discovered by scientist William Prout in 1822. 

To his bewilderment, Prout found that newly hatched chicks contained four times more calcium than the eggs they came from. Where did the extra calcium come form? Other scientists of his day were also at a loss. An unbroken axiom of science is that you cannot get more from less. So every time an egg is hatched, it is a miracle of God.

In 1959 Kervran and other researchers discovered something vitally important: without silica, the body cannot create for itself and, in the case of the chickens, form calcium. Not only that – surprise, surprise – but collagen is largely made up of Silica!

I call it a secret because how many beauty company’s tout silica in their advertisements? They don not know what you now know! To maintain healthier and longer-lasting collagen, aim for natural sources of silica. Inorganic silica actually draws calcium from the bones and deposits it into skin tissues. The calcium can crystallize, forming what some skin experts’ term cross linkages, making the collagen hard and stiff, instead of smooth and soft.

Stay away from the artificial stuff. Instead, make sure your silica sources are derived from natural plants or health food products. Look for silica in solution. Mineral is solution offer the highest absorption rate, unencumbered by allergies, intestinal disorders or a lack of stomach acid.


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